Drapery Services

Harabu House has exclusively partnered with Glamorama Home Fashion, a global soft furnishings interior design and products company. Glamorama Home fashion offers two Custom Furnishing brands - InayahomeTM and GlamoramaTM .

Inayahome Draperies are customizable Drapery products with preset designs and fabrics. These customized products can be ordered online directly through our website. Please visit our Custom Drapery section at the top of the page.

GlamoramaTM products, on the other hand, are fully customizable products packaged with complete soft furnishing interior design services for your home that matches your style and budget. This interactive solution is ideal for Projects, New Homes, the Trade and complete home makeovers. The retainer advance for this can be paid through our website as well. Glamorama offers moderate, premium and luxury range of home furnishing products with contemporary styling and novel designs. With over 4000+ fabrics to choose from and a world-class manufacturing infrastructure, you are guaranteed to get quality products at the best value. Project specific discount slabs are applicable for all the products ordered as a part of this solution. In fact, we are so confident that you will not find anything comparable in service and quality for this price, we have offered the Design services FREE for a limited time to experience it for yourself.

The company specializes in custom furnishings such as Drapes, Roman Shades, Bed linens and cushions for residential, hotel or corporate spaces. The company has obtained furnishing orders from some of most reputed interior design firms as well as from a direct clientele list comprising of high-profile clients globally. The furnishing fabrics created by Glamorama vary from natural fabrics like silk, linen, cotton, jute, wild-grass, banana fiber, and bamboo fiber, to blends of cotton, silk, suede and leather. These fabrics are stylized and embellished by Glamorama’s team of designers. Glamorama has also created an eco-friendly line of fabrics and products. The two main eco collections, FIBREKRAFT and GOECO, are minimalist in terms of their styling and give the eco-friendly fabrics an eco-chic look by creating Roman/Roller Shades.

Glamorama has successfully designed more than 3000 spaces for clients around the world. For a complimentary estimate on Glamorama's design services for your space, please contact Shilpa Iyer at hello@harabuhouse.com or at 732-820-0767. We will set up an appointment with Glamorama's design specialists to help you with your design needs.