Harabu House, a name derived from Sanskrit, which loosely means "Green Earth" was launched in 2010. We are an exclusive online eco-boutique for contemporary and stylish global finds. Where possible, we strive to find sustainable products, which provide economic, social and environmental benefits to those artisans who create them. Our range of unique accessories from across the globe, including our many eco-friendly finds, is design-driven, chic and beautiful. We think our carefully curated items will be the perfect complement to modern style. Many of our global finds are new to the United States and can only be found in boutiques in Europe and Asia. We are proud of our collection and we hope you’ll find Harabu House an inspiration to your style of living.

In addition to showcasing our global accessories, Harabu House has exclusively partnered with Glamorama Home Fashion, a global soft furnishings interior design and products company. Glamorama Home fashion offers two Custom Furnishing brands - Inayahome™ and Glamorama™ .

InayaHome™ Draperies are customizable drapery products with pre-set designs and fabrics. These customized products can be ordered online directly through our website. Please visit our Custom Drapery section at the top of the page to see our latest selection.

Glamorama™ products, on the other hand, are fully customizable products packaged with complete soft furnishing interior design services for your home that matches your style and budget. The company offers premium- and luxury-range home furnishing products with contemporary styling and novel designs. The company specializes in custom furnishings such as drapes, blinds, bed linens and cushions for residential, hotel or corporate spaces.

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We've been getting some great press and have been featured here: New York Times, New York Post, Apartment Therapy, People Magazine's Style Watch, House Beautiful, DailyCandy, Matchbook Mag, Sweet Paul, Wedding Nouveau, Cotton Candy Magazine, Dabble Magazine, The Luxury Spot, as well as several other design oriented blogs.

We'd love to hear what you think. Do drop us a note at hello@harabuhouse.com. Thank you for stopping by!