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"Because of you I am ABLE to have peace in my life" - Anchinalu

Your purchase of a fashionABLE scarf creates sustainable business for women in Africa. Every fashionABLE scarf is handmade in Ethiopia by women who have been exploited due to the effects of poverty. Scarves provide jobs; profits provide restoration. Each scarf comes with a handwritten note by the woman who made your scarf. 

Color: White/Dragon Fruit/Tangerine/Navy Stripe and Mink Brown/Raspberry/Peach/Plum (Available in February 2014) 

Handmade in Ethiopia by Anchinalu

Size:84"L x 28"W

- Multiple sections of bold, textured stripes

- Handmade in Ethiopia // Ridiculously soft 100% cotton

- Subtle variations add to the uniqueness of each scarf.

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About the company: Barrett Ward founded Mocha Club in 2005 – a new generation of activists giving up the cost of two mochas, or $7 a month, to fund relief and development projects in Africa. A few years later, Barrett moved to Ethiopia for a year. While there, he ran across Women at Risk, a group that works with women exploited in the sex industry. After seeing their effectiveness and the dignity restored in these women, he learned that one of the biggest challenges to keeping these women off the streets is gainful employment. For this purpose, fashionABLE was conceived.

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