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About us


Harabu House, a name derived from Sanskrit, which means "Green Earth" is the home for Travel Photographer and Owner Shilpa Iyer's design-driven global finds. Bitten by the travel bug very early on, Shilpa Iyer is constantly on the lookout for new and inspiring global finds that are stylish, chic, ecofriendly and sustainable.  With an ever-growing list of countries traveled, Harabu House seeks socially conscious, global-chic finds that are inspired by traditional textiles and artifacts across the globe. Shopping at Harabu House gives you access to unique and stylish gifts that you can feel good about purchasing.  Where possible, we strive to find sustainable products, which provide economic, social and environmental benefits to those artisans who create them.  Our products have a story, and we'd love to share it with you, by bringing the world of modern, stylish design-driven gifts to you! Shop the world at Harabu House.

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