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Nomadic By Nature

Posted on May 01 2016

The first thing people notice about me is my interest in global cultures. Travel and photography are my main passions (OK, there’s also eating!) and if my daily life (and funds) allowed for it, my schedule would consist of traveling, eating and photographing my way from one amazing culture to the next.

 This wanderlust probably evolved naturally at a really early age. We moved to Singapore when I was 10 months old. Those of you who’ve been fortunate enough to visit my home country will notice that it’s rather small (physically speaking, although I’d say it’s rather large on culture and food). As such, my parents took my sister and I wherever they could so that we had the opportunity to travel abroad. Each year we explored new places within the region. It just became a part of life…learning new things from new cultures we came across. Eating unfamiliar foods. I now try to pass that on to my son, and I have to say, so far, it’s working! My 9 year old adapts to new situations pretty easily and has a far more developed palate than either myself or my husband.

 Another thing about me, is that I am in love with modern architecture and modern design. Naturally, with my lust for travel, and penchant for picking up things each time I set foot in another country, I was always drawn to those design-driven products hidden amongst the more traditional finds that are ubiquitous amongst tourist traps. Don’t get me wrong, I do love traditional textiles and handicrafts, but you can find those everywhere. My goal was to find unusual modern creations inspired by materials home to these beautiful cultures across the globe and that could fit in any modern home. Harabu House was started as a way for me to showcase these unusual finds. I hope you’ll join me as we journey together through my stories and photography.


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